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Behind EVOMAX are three car enthusiasts from the Stuttgart area with a special affinity for classic vehicles and racing.

Das Team
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Die Idee


The following is an excerpt from the current issue of the " RAMP " magazine.


“I've been a car fanatic since childhood. I love cars. And Porsche has always been my dream. «Rainer Hildebrandt has that glow in his eyes, like little children have when they see their favorite toy car for the first time and think they are behind the wheel. At Hildebrandt's time it was a red Porsche. To be precise: »A red Porsche Cabriolet.« Now Rainer Hildebrandt has fulfilled his dream of driving a car, and especially of Porsche, many times over. And - decades back, decades ago - the fascination is unbroken. It has only increased through my own driving experience. “I've driven a lot of cars or variants. But none was like a Porsche. A Porsche is just a piece of you. You just feel good. "


For many, the story would end there. Dream? Fulfills. Finished. But Hildebrandt likes to optimize things. For him, the optimum has always had room for improvement, whether it's smartphones or glasses - or a Porsche. He has a preference for smaller, narrow vehicles. They are welcome to be equipped with the latest technology, so that if the worst comes to the worst, you can get full service from the Porsche Center you trust - and you don't have to look for a specialist who is familiar with the pitfalls of old carburetors, for example. So the plan was: modern technology in a classic guise.


He found technical help from the classic specialists Mathieu Wöhrle and Miguel Morais from M&W Classic GmbH in Markgröningen and from Jörg Rudolf. With his Renninger IMMstudios, he likes to move into the future and build concept vehicles for brands like Lamborghini. The result is called: MAX11. An automotive dream in cyan. The associated brand is called Evomax - the "maximum of evolution".


“I must have driven 7,000 kilometers with it now. It doesn't matter where you're going: People look after the vehicle three or four times because they don't know whether it's an old or a new vehicle, ”reports Hildebrandt. He remembered one man in particular who looked at the vehicle very seriously. Hildebrandt was getting ready for a lot because, well, the MAX11 is not exactly quiet. But the man just said: "Cool thing." Also found numerous acquaintances.







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