996 3.6L TURBO ENGINE | 620 HP | 6500 RPM


The aim of the MAX 11 Turbo is to merge technology from the modern 996 Turbo with the elegance of the past. Drivability, durability, reliability and safety were the top priorities within the development. In order to get the power on the road, we have taken the engine and gearbox from the modern 996 3.6L turbo engine . The unit generates a maximum output of 620 hp at 6500 rpm and a maximum speed of 6750 rpm. The 6-speed manual gearbox enables uncompromising control of the vehicle at all times. In addition, a racing brake system and a fully variable coilover kit were installed to enable a perfect racing experience for the road.


Carbon is not just carbon! As one of the few vehicle refiners, we decided to make the body from carbon-kevlar for safety reasons and also to reinforce it with a welded-in safety cell. In order to achieve further weight savings, the exhaust system is made of titanium. In order to generate maximum drive, the EVOMAX has a downforce system from racing, which gives the car stability and agility at high speeds.

Every EVOMAX vehicle is designed virtually by leading European car designers.


The breathtaking design of the EVOMAX ensures an unmistakable appearance, which does justice to the built-in racing technology and embodies both classic and modern at the same time.

The entire production of the EVOMAX takes place in Germany and thus meets the highest quality requirements. All of our models have been fully approved by TĂśV and may be used on the road.